About Us

About Us

Pocari Sweat is the product of Otsuka Myanmar Co.,Ltd subsidiary of Otsuka Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd of Japan and established in Myanmar 23.Oct.2018. Better health is our reason to run the business and we would like to contribute to Myanmar People's Health.

Otsuka Stories

Otsuka Pharmaceutical has expanded worldwide by developing businesses driven highly original products, but what does it take to develop a unique product without imitating others? What difficulties and challenges must be overcome to develop and deliver that kind of special product to the market? Please watch these hand-drawn animated video to get a sense of the passion of Otsuka people and to hear the stories of their innovative activities.

Our Philosophy

Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide.These words embody our dedication to: creating unique and innovative products,Improving Health and Well-being, Contributing to the lives of people worldwide.As a total healthcare company at Otsuka Pharmaceutical are committed to continuing with the research, development, manufacture and deliver the products that satisfy customer needs, based on our strengths of "Jissho"-actualization-and "Sozosei"-creativity.